Fruit and pies, to remember.

“Try this freshly-made pie and an egg,” continued Madame.
Chichikov did so, and having eaten more than half of what she offered him, praised the pie highly. Indeed, it was a toothsome dish, and, after his difficulties and exertions with his hostess, it tasted even better than it might otherwise have done.
“And also a few pancakes?” suggested Madame.

from Dead Souls


Nikolai Gogol’s love of food is more that clearly stated in Dead Souls, with wonderful dishes and dinners being replaced by even more scrumptious concoctions. It is no surprise to know then that when he was away in Rome, which he considered “the native land of his soul”, it is said he learned to prepare pasta, which he afterwards made for his friends at intimate dinners he organized and was host with a delightful disposition. Let us remember the Gogol that shines throughout his best work, in which he recreates the visionary soul of Dante, expressed with a Russian heart.

Based on this novel, and to remember the day of his passing, I made a mushroom pie with grated onions and fruit, a mix of sweet and savory he sometimes contrasts in Dead Souls. Much is left to write about him , which I will continue doing so in another chapter.


What is stronger in us — passion or habit? Or are all the violent impulses, all the whirl of our desires and turbulent passions, only the consequence of our ardent age, and is it only through youth that they seem deep and shattering?


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