Glenn Gould and a cake.


The systems by which we organize our thinking, and in which we attempt to pass on that thinking to the generations that follow, represent what you might think of as a foreground of activity – of positive, convinced, self-reliant action – and this foreground can have validity only insofar as it attempts to impose credibility on that vast background acreage of human possibility that has not yet been organized.

Gould generalizing on how little his training and experience had prepared him for the challenge of experimentation and improvisation.

There has been a musician that has kept me company for some years now, and whose interpretations have opened my eyes (or shall I say, ears) to a different view of music and, dare I say it, life. What I first listened from him was not the Goldbergs, rather, his Brahms Intermezzi. It had become one of my dearest performances, although I didn’t know who the performer was, and some months after, I listened to his recording of Beethoven’s 5th Piano Concerto (with Leopold Stokowski and the American Symphony Orchestra). It was one of the most incredible listening experiences I’ve had. Along came the rest of the recordings (and the wonderful discovery of the fact that the performer of the Intermezzi was the same of the Emperor Concerto). His Bach, Schoenberg, Strauss and Hindemith (as well as most of his more unconventional takes of other composers), and many of his insights, changed many convictions and opened a new world for me to music, literature and life as a whole. He also happened to like Russia very much (St. Petersburg in particular) because of his trip there at the beginning of his career , which sparked my affinity with him even more (I happen to love Russian culture because of several experiences, which I hope to write about soon).

Hay un músico que me ha acompañado ya hace algunos años, y cuyas interpretaciones han abierto mis ojos (mas bien, mis oídos) a una manera distinta de apreciar la música, y me atrevería a decir, de la vida también. Lo que primero escuché de él no fueron sus Goldbergs, sino sus Intermezzi de Brahms. Se había convertido en una de mis más queridas piezas, aunque no sabía quién era el intérprete, y unos meses mas tarde, escuché la grabación del Concierto No.5 para Piano de Beethoven (con Leopold Stokowski y la American Symphony Orchestra). Fue una de las experiencias musicales más increíbles que haya tenido. Y así llegaron las otras interpretaciones (y el maravilloso descubrimiento del hecho que el pianista de los Intermezzi era el mismo del Concierto). Su Bach, Schoenberg, Strauss y Hindemith (al igual que la mayoría de sus versiones no convencionales de otros compositores) al igual que sus convicciones, cambiaron muchas ideas que tenía y me abrieron un nuevo mundo a la música, la literatura y la vida. Casualmente también le gustaba Rusia (San Petersburgo en particular), por su viaje allí al comienzo de su carrera, que incrementó mi afinidad con él aún más (mi amor por la cultura rusa se debe a varias experiencias, de las cuales espero escribir pronto).


This year, I decided to celebrate his birthday by making a cake. A rather far-fetched and perhaps absurd idea, I know, but I felt peculiarly inspired after having getting to know about Kafka’s unusual fixation for food as well as Thomas Mann’s mention of raspberry trifle while rereading Buddenbrooks (two of his favorite authors).

Este año, decidí celebrar su cumpleaños haciendo un pastel. Una idea tal vez algo absurda y disparatada, lo sé, pero me sentí peculiarmente inspirada después de conocer sobre la fijación inusual de Kafka for la comida y la mención de Thomas Mann de bizcocho de frambuesas mientras releía Buddenbrooks (dos de sus autores favoritos).


It has no butter, eggs or oil, while remaining absolutely delightful. An experience I’ll be willing to repeat on several occasions for sure. I’ll post the recipe these days.

No tiene mantequilla, huevos o aceite, y a pesar de ello fue increíble. Una experiencia que estaré dispuesta a tener en repetidas ocasiones. Espero subir la receta estos días.

Sin título-5


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